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1. Welding repairs of the existing stair railing & guardrail panel includes replacing of the railing post’s end with a new 6” long section, straightening of the stair railing and guardrail, replacing the corroded top rail section with a new 6” long section, concrete repair to the broken...

Trash Room New Trash Chute’s Diverter Work:
1. Dismantling and hauling away of the existing trash chutes diverter
2. Installation of a new custom 4’ long x 2’ wide x 6” tall “U” shaped 11-gauge stainless steel diverter installed in between the existing opening
3. Installation...

New Pool Enclosure
1. 13’ 5” wide x 5’ – 6’ high new pool enclosure combined with a built in 4’ wide arched pedestrian entry gate swings outwards to the right, a double weldable lockbox at 5’ high and a 1’ high solid kickplate at the bottom and perforated screen backing
2. One Cal-...

1. 5’ wide x 7’ high pool complaint pedestrian gate swings outwards to the right combined with a weldable double lockbox at 5’ high, flat sheet metal backing and an anti-grab spike strip at the top
2. One Schlage compatible double cylinder deadbolt lock oil rubbed bronze finish installed...

1. Two Approx. 3’ long x 3’ high decorative handrails installed on both sides of the entry stairs

Handrails Installed Throughout
1. Two 1’ tall decorative vertical grab rails installed on both sides of the rear access door
2. One 4’ long x 3’ high decorative wall rail installed on the left side going up the rear access door’s stairway
3. Two freestanding custom curved...

Curved Stair Railing & Second Floor Guardrail:
1. One 20’ long x 3’ high curved stair railing
2. 16’ 6” long x 3’ 6” high “L” shaped second floor guardrail

1. Dismantling, modifications & reinstallation of the existing fence panel to be converted into an openable manual swing gate, swings inwards to the right combined with a Universal finger latch
2. 4’ 2” wide x 6’ 1” high right rear side gate installed in between the existing adjacent...

1. One 14’ long x 3’ high “L” shaped freestanding handrail installed on top of the existing stairs and landings surfaces combined with steel framework, posts and wood cap rail

Entry Enclosure
1. 5’ 3” wide x 7’ 9” entry enclosure combined with 8’ 3” wide x 6’ 3” high matching stationary panel on the left includes a built in 3’ 6” wide x 6’ 8” high ped security gate swings outwards to the left double weldable lockbox, Quickset smart key double cylinder deadbolt...

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