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My Portfolios

1. Surveyor plans, architectural drawings, engineering and permits associated with the new fencing project along Sunset Blvd & Bates Avenue
2. Dismantling and hauling away of the existing 350’ long chain link fence and trimming and removal of 350’ long x 8’ high shrubs and tree...

1. Dismantling of the existing double swing gate and gate automation, onsite posts extensions includes adding 2’ height to the top of the existing, in shop modifications of the existing double gate includes adding 1’ 6” high solid kickplate to the bottom of both gates, 6” high infill vertical...

Guardrails, Stair Rails, Handrails & Gates Installed Throughout:
Living Room Balcony
1. 26’ 8’’ long x 3’ 6’’ high decorative living room balcony railings

Master Bedroom Balcony
2. 19’ 7’’ long x 3’ 6’’ high decorative bedroom room balcony railings

Fireplace Terrace
3. 25’ 6’’ long x 3’ high decorative stair railings & 3’ 6’’ high guardrails
4. 16’ long x 1’ 3’’ high decorative guardrail installed on top of the parapet walls
5. One 3’ wide x 3’ 6’’ high matching pedestrian gate installed in front of the stairway

Right Side Stairs
6. 56’ long x 3’ high stair railings mounted to the side of the existing concrete stairs (matching with the existing side yard’s railing design

Decorative Entry Stair Railing & Guardrail
7. One 5’ long x 1’ deep x 3’ high “L” shaped decorative guardrail installed
8. One 6’ long x 3’ high decorative stair railing and guardrail

Interior Decorative Gates
9. Two 3’ 3’’ long x 3’ high decorative gates installed in front of the interior stairway

Interior Decorative Wall Rails
10. One 6’ long x 3’ high wall rail
11. One 10’ long x 3’ high wall rail

Front Fence & Gates Refurbishing:
1. Refurbishing of the existing approx. 60’ long x 5’ 6” high front fencing and two 14’ long x 5’ 6” high sliding gates includes power washing of the existing fencing & gates surfaces, clearing gravel from the front and bottom of the fence’s bottom...

Handrails Installed Throughout
Stairs Leading from the Main Entry Door to the Landing Below
1. Two 2’ high decorative vertical grab rails installed on both sides of the archway

Hallway Leading to the Kitchen
2. Two 2’ 4 ½” long x 3’ high wall rails installed on both...

Interior Stair Railing, Second Floor Guardrail & Wall Rail
1. One 3’ long x 3’ high stair railing panel installed on top of the existing customers provided wood wall
2. 5’ long x 3’ 6” high matching second floor guardrail
3. Approx. 14’ long x 3’ high wall rail installed on...

New Ramp Rail:
1. Installation of a new 23’ long x 3’ high ramp railing section (existing railings is bent and modified beyond repairs) matching the existing railings material specs and design

1. Dismantling of the double swing trash gates, installation of two new 5” x 5” x 3/16” thick freestanding posts, modifications and resizing of both swing gates and installation with the new posts combined with four new 7” ball bearing heavy duty hinges

Pedestrian Entry Gate Repairs:
1. Welding repairs of the pedestrian entry gate includes dismantling of the gate’s hinges, installation of new stainless steel ball bearing hinges, dismantling and reinstallation of the gate’s hinge post away from its adjacent column (needed for proper...

1. Two custom “L” shaped fence panels installed on both sides of the driveway and pedestrian gates, one 82’’ wide x 3’ deep x 6’ high and one 1’ 10’’ wide x 1’ 8’’ deep x 6’ high

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