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NRG poured new pavers and remodeled the patio & installed new patio cover with paint touch ups.

NRG Builders poured new pavers and remodeled the pool and installed new spa connected to the pool with patio post and BBQ area finished with patio paint.

NRG removed old concrete and poured new pavers on driveway,walkway & front-yard .

NRG Builders removed old grass and concrete from front & backyard and installed new pavers in the backyard and gravel in the front & side yard of the home.

NRG removed old entertainment center and installed new one that includes hardwood floors,painting, and TV installation.

NRG removed old cracked concrete and installed new pavers with aluminum patio cover and electrical work in pomona.

NRG cleaned up and removed old grass and installed new Artificial Turf in the front-yard.

NRG Builders demoed away old cracked asphalt and poured new pavers.

NRG Builders installed a new fence and gate for the back and side yard and applied new fresh paint for the exterior of the home.

NRG installed new pavers and turf for the front & backyard of the house.

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Last updated, February 27, 2019

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