Easily Manage Projects in Workspace

Manage all your company's project showcases with incredible ease in one place. Go Workspace!

How To Manage Your Project in Workspace


The fastest way to turn desktop media into project showcases.

Make everyone a contributor
Company - Drag and drop project photos directly into your Workspace.
Your team - Give your entire team access to contribute projects and photos safely.
Customers - Make it easy for customers to contribute their own photos via your website.

File importer

Drag and drop multiple files in to workspace

Email invite

Send email invites to members of your team

Shared project

Create projects that can be contributed to by any member of your company's team


Collect authentic photos from your customers

Folder importer

Import entire folders and subfolders and create an identical project structure in workspace

Share code

Send project share codes to your team to enable them to contribute to your shared projects by using the share code to join the projects

Shared company

Enable your team to create projects for your company on their own.


Keep all of your projects organized in one place.

Easily organize your projects and media, and add captions, stories and tags for maximum impact on viewers.
Workspace makes it easy to manage hundreds of projects with drag and drop simplicity and convenient bulk operations.

Organize Projects

Keep your projects organized by dragging and dropping them with ease into an easy to manage folder structure

Edit projects

Edit or delete projects

Media enrichment

Caption, categorize and tag your projects and media files for easy search and discoverability

Auto image geo-stampping

Use image EXIF meta data to auto geo stamp images for easy mapping

Visibility settings

Make your projects or media viewable or hidden

Media reordering

Arrange photos by their creation date to display proejct progression from start to completion

Download origial photos

Download copies of the originally uploaded photos


Create customer testimonials with vidieo, photos, text and ratings for excellent social proof

Create teams

Create and manage your company's team of collaborators

Project variants

Create multiple variants of projects without duplicate content penalties

Organize media

Drag and drop media into proper position within a project or move or copy them to other projects

Edit media

Edit, copy, rotate or delete your media files

Storify projects

Turn projects into blog-like stories that sell readers on your company

Project insights

Provide viewers with valuable insights such as project budget, time to complete, etc

Project clustering

Enable photos to be auto grouped into projects by location (EXIF data must be available)

Project sharing

Create shared projects and take ownership of contributed content

Transfer projects

Transfer projects to other users

Presentational tags

Tag photos as cover, before, after, during, noteworthy for better presentational controls

Assume project ownership

Take ownership of projects created by members of your company's team

Multi company locations

Create teams for multiple company locations and enable separate proejcts and reviews for each


Publish to your website and beyond

Seamlessly publish to your website and other marketing channels.
Automatically post content
Define customized publishing rules

Need a website? Profolio Websites are the perfect solution.

Showcase Widgets

Embed a widget on any page of your website to display your projects

API integration

Get a key to our API for advanced integration capabilities

Social Push & Share

Share your best projects and reviews automatically on Facebook and Twitter

Modules & Plugins

Use Profolio's ProSync modules (for Drupal) to display your portfolios as part of your website's content. This opens your website up to thousands of new keywords and keeps content fresh, driving huge growth in organic traffic.

Publish videos to Youtube

Publish videos to your own Youtube channel and link back to your website