Tell Customer Success Stories

The Profolio mobile app makes it easy to instantly tell visual stories with photos, videos and text!


Profolio Mobile App

The Profolio mobile app is the easiest and most convenient way to capture your customer stories and collect reviews.

Capture photos and videos of every step of your projects from start to finish.
Capture video testimonials from your happy customers.
Market and promote your projects by sharing before, after and during images.
Get customer reviews on the major websites instantly with a click of a button.

Capture Fast

Create or join projects with one click of a button

cAPTURE Testimonials

Capture video testimonials


Photos and videos are cataloged and organized into projects

Localtion Aware

Content is geo-stamped for easy mapping and discoverability


Enable multiple users to contribute to your projects


Create stories around your projects


Your photos and videos upload to our servers reliable to prevent loss of content in the event of sudden phone shut down or lost connection.


Ask questions about projects by sending in app chat messages


Join projects by scanning a barcode

Collect Reviews

Capture reviews after you complete your projects by sending an instant text to your customers

Control Access

Control who can see your projects


Publish your content to your website, social and more


Share your projects via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and Email

Cloud Storage

Store your photos and videos securley in the cloud and avoid the risk of loosing content


Explore projects in your area

Get Help

Create help wanted projects and get immediate assistance from nearby pros


Categorize, caption and tag your content for easy discoverability

Multi View

Add alternate views to photos with ease

ProfolioPRO Mobile App

Packed with advanced features businesses need. ProfolioPRO enables your team to:

easily contriute content to your company's showcases
collect customer reviews on your company's behalf
contribute to multiple company business locations