April 5, 2016

Mistakes Many Nursing Students Make and How to Fix Them

The mistakes many nursing students make can be a direct result of poor planning. Poor planning derails efforts.

Best Practices for Nursing Students

When making the decision to attend nursing school, there are many things to consider. Not planning for these issues is a mistake that nursing students can’t afford. Nursing students need a plan that includes maintaining a standard of living as well as paying for rent (housing), food, utilities, transportation, childcare, and other financial obligations.

Covering Bases and Avoiding Mistakes

Nursing school can be extremely stressful. A highly competitive field, nursing is one of the most secure industries students can enter. The field of nursing offers job security, flexibility, and a variety of work settings. Being admitted into nursing school, however, can mean a strenuous schedule for an individual’s near future. Passing the entrance exam is just the first step. The competition can be stiff, and high math and science scores are required.

A mistake many aspiring nursing students make is not knowing their standing in math and science competencies. Brush up in these areas before paying application fees for nursing school. Check online for school admission exams and policies. Secure a tutor and take practice tests until comfortable enough to pass the entrance exam.

Plan, Plan, Plan

It is imperative that nursing students plan ahead by budgeting for economic survival and academic success. Students need to decide before registering how they are going to pay rent and other bills. If financial aid covers enough, students may be able to make it through on a part-time job. If not, they will need to find employment that allows enough flexibility to be successful with school schedules.

Another mistake nursing students make is not having reliable transportation and a back-up plan for emergencies. Transportation is a must. The school may be a good distance from a student’s home, and public transportation may not be available, or it may be unreliable. In a pinch, students are encouraged to network with classmates or carpool to defray transportation costs.

Study Groups and Making the Grade

Many nursing students make the mistake of not taking the time to form or join study groups. The vast amount of reading that students need to complete can be done within a group, where students test each other in a supportive environment. Hold group members accountable for their share of the work. Competition does not mean that students won’t form bonds and friendships. Nursing students often build lasting friendships. Planning to go it alone can be a mistake.

If All Systems Point to Stop: Take Heed

If it looks like transportation or housing is going to be an issue, talk to an academic advisor and explore options for sitting out until the next semester. This is better than making the mistake of getting in too deep and having to drop courses or leave school altogether on a bad note. The best one can do is to give their all. Weigh out options while believing that goals are achievable.



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