Bill Dobbins
Bill Dobbins
"Good writers can write about any subject."
Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

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When I first started photography my goal was to be a photojournalist. Over time my skills developed and I became more technically proficient, which lead me in new directions - such a shooting fashion, beauty, lifestyles portraits and fitness photos. But I still like to go out every once in a...

Fashion is an enduring subject of photography, beginning primarily in the late 19th century when newspapers and magazines developed the ability to publish photographs. Looking back you can see that fashion photos are an amazing reflection of various times and contemporary culture. Many of my...

Living in Los Angeles, I have easy access to the dramatic landscapes of the American Southwest - the same landscapes photographed by legendary photographers like Ansel Adams and Edward Weston. Nature is by far the best set designer. Whether I'm doing fitness photos, fashion or lifestyle...

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Bill Dobbins
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