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homeowner had a hard time going in and out of his front door had me replace the lockset on his front door with a new lock

Property management had me fix a few doors that were not functioning properly also replace back door to the warehouse

Apartment building in Los Angeles CA called to fix and align gate as well as replace electrical strike

two broken butterfly locks were broken.
we replaced both locks with new hook bolt locks, rekeyed to current key and aligned storefront doors

scope of work:
remove and dispose of 4 metal doors located at the back and sides of the building,
install new 4 new doors only (the concrete lled frames are in good condition), install
exit devices with exit only trim as well as install door closers according to code and...

remove old door closer, top arm and bottom pivot and replace with new hardware
reinforce all brackets and replace brackets as neccesary for door and frame
also block glass on the door on all 8 sides of glass.

homeowner called from Thousand oaks CA because the thumb press on his old lock was stuck and non functional. we replaced it with a new lockset, and rekeyed it to match the existing key.

New restaurant owner in woodland hills contracted us because the fire department required back exit door from the kitchen be compliant with fire code. we replaced the door with a fire rated metal door and installed an exit device as well as a new door closer

Building owner in Encino CA called us because of vandalism in the building. we installed two commercial deadbolts on the electrical room to prevent further break ins we also rekeyed the two deadbolts to the common area key

Village walk in tarzana CA contracted us to repair double doors that were binding and unsecure. we replaced some of the hinges and installed door closers on the doors as well as rekeyed the lock to the building master.

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