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Roof repair from storm damage. Tiles have been replaced.

The Impact damage to the Post Office boxes was secured and then replaced. Bollards were installed to prevent impact damage in the future.

New office fit-out with external and internal renovations and painting.

The home was completely burnt down by the fires. It was replaced with a new home.

The Storm Damage to the roof was considerable. It was completely lifted off by the storm. The Building had to be made safe and the roof replaced completely with new framing and sheeting.

The was a significant damage to the roof of the hotel. The roof was replaced entirely.

The shopfront in South Perth was badly damaged by an impact from the road and has been repaired for use again.

A cafe in Clarkson was badly damaged by fire. All fire damage was repaired.

<p>Internal Damage to a Church in Ningarin caused by Fire. It was repaired and painted.</p>

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