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A widely shared secret among personnel recruiters is that for growing numbers of professionals, the timeworn resume and cover no longer cuts it. Companies want a multi-dimensional sense of prospective hires before designating candidates for interviews. They lack the time or resources to sift through endless piles of job applications. Some avoid the hassle by using headhunters. Others rely on computer programs to parse resumes for recurrent buzzwords. Either way, it’s a chump’s game for employers and job seekers alike.
Creatives have long known that a professional portfolio of work-related projects is their entry card into a new position. But artists, advertisers and writers are no longer the only ones who bring these documents to the table. Today, engineers, teachers, project managers, even salespeople can benefit from a well-appointed portfolio.
Enter Profolio, a project showcase and discovery platform that lets you put part or the totality of your work on display not only for the benefit of employers (who can use it to garner interest in their own projects) but for others eager to gather round a particular endeavor or, in some cases, even buy any work available for sale.
Profolio lets job-seekers tailor their portfolio to specific employers with consummate ease from virtually anywhere you can gain Internet access. Better yet, it allows you to gather disparate projects and write-ups strewn across the Net, consolidating them in a single location designed to spotlight your work to the widest possible communities of employers, fellow professionals, enthusiasts and buyers.
Versatile, intuitive and iterative, Profolio trucks in projects that can be undertaken by an individual or a group; that can be made public, private or accessible by invitation only; that may be categorized by project type; that can be seen as it unfolds over time and space; and that can be flagged by status, whether ongoing, completed or dropped. Projects can be online or real world, educational, professional or leisure-or-hobby-oriented.

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